Political Law Article XII – Social Justice and Human Rights



1.  Secs. 1-19

2. Adjudicatory Power of the Commission on Human Rights


1. Carino vs. CHR, December 2, 1991

                   2. EPZA vs. CHR, April 14, 1992

Read also:

1)   SUMULONG VS. GUERRERO, G.R. No. L-48685, Sept. 30, 1987

     2)   DIZON VS. GEN. EDUARDO, G.R. No. 59118, March           3, 1988

3) Exec. Order No. 163, May 5, 1987, Declaring the effectivity of the creation of the Commission on Human Rights as provided for under the 1987 Constitution.

4) Memorandum Order No. 20, July 4, 1986


Political Law Reviewer by Atty. Larry D. Gacayan

College of Law, University of the Cordilleras

Baguio City


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First of all, I am not a lawyer. I'm a graduate of AB Political Science and went to the College of Law but stopped going to law school for some reasons. I'm a passionate teacher who has been teaching English to speakers of other languages and a person who likes writing and blogging. I lost some important files and software when my computer broke down so the reason I created this website is to preserve the notes, reviewers and digests I collected when I was at the law school and at the same time, I want to help out law students who do not have enough time to go and read books in the library.

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