Civil Procedure: Rule 32 Trial by Commissioner

Laluan v. Malpaya, 64 SCRA

Lim Tan Hu v. Ramolete, supra

Pagkatipunan v. Bautista, 108 SCRA



Rule 18. Pre-Trial

Laying down the issues – allegations and what are being denied.

Stipulation of facts – evidentiary facts

Compromise judgment – final & executory; immediately executory.

1. Trial by assessors – Pagkatipunan v. Bautista, mandatory

Rarely invoked; tend to earn the ire of the judge

Sit only for the trial


2. Trial by commissioners

3. Delegation of reception of evidence by the Clerk of Court


Qualifications of Assessors Act 190 –


Source:  University of the Philippines



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