Negotiable Instruments Law – Negotiability


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Based on the Outline of the 1994 Edition of Campos & Campos


  1. 1.    in writing and signed by maker or drawer
  • no person liable on the instrument whose signature does not appear thereon ( subject to exceptions)
  • one who signs in a trade or assumed name liable to the same extent as if he had signed in his own name
  • signature of any party may be made by a duly authorized agent, no particular form of appt. necessary


  1. unconditional promise or order to pay
  • unqualified order or promise to pay is unconditional though coupled with
  1. an indication of a particular fund out of which reimbursement to be made, or a particular account to be debited with amount, or
    1. a statement of the transaction which gives rise to the instrument
  • an order or promise to pay out of a particular fund is not unconditional

a sum certain in money

  • even if stipulated to be paid—
  1. with interest, or
  2. by stated installments, or
  3. by stated installments with a provision that upon default in payment of any installment/interest, the whole shall become due, or
  4. with exchange, whether at a fixed rate or at the current rate, or
  5. with costs of collection or an attorney’s fee, in case payment not made at maturity


  1. 3.    payable on demand,
  • when expressed to be payable on demand, or at sight, or on presentation;
  • when no time for payment  expressed, or
  • where an instrument is issued, accepted or indorsed when overdue, it is, as regards the person so issuing, accepting, or indorsing it, payable on demand


or at a fixed or determinable future time

  • when it’s expressed to be payable at a fixed period after date or sight, or
  • on or before a fixed or determinable future time fixed therein, or
  • on or at a fixed period after the occurrence of a specified event which is certain to happen, though the time of happening be uncertain
  • an instrument payable upon a contingency not negotiable, and happening of event doesn’t cure it

relate to  sec. 11 ( presumption as to date) and sec. 17 (construction where instrument ambiguous)

* note effect of acceleration provisions, p. 30 Campos

* note effect of provisions extending time of payment, p. 40 Campos


  1. 4.    payable to order
  • where it is drawn payable to the order of a specified person or to him or his order. May be drawn payable to order of —
  • when the instrument is payable to order the payee must be named or otherwise indicated therein with reasonable certainty
  1. a payee not the maker/drawer/drawee, or
  2. drawer or maker, or
  3. drawee, or
  4. two or more payees jointly, or
  5. holder of an office for time being

or bearer,

  • when expressed to be so payable
  • when payable to person named therein or bearer
  • when payable to order or fictitious/non-existent person, and such fact known to the person making it so payable, or
  • when name of payee doesn’t purport to be the name of any person, or
  • when the only/last indorsement is in blank
  1. 5.    where addressed to drawee: such drawee named/ indicated therein with reasonable certainty
  • bill may be addressed to two or more drawees jointly, whether partners or not, but not to two or more drawees in the alternative or in succession
  • bill may be treated as a PN, at option of holder, where
  1. drawer and drawee are same person
  2. drawee is fictitious/incapacitated


Gen. Rule: order/promise to do any act in addition to the payment of money renders instrument non-negotiable.

Exception: negotiability not affected by provisions w/c

  1. authorize sale of collateral security if instrument not paid at maturity
  2. authorize confession  of judgment…
  3. waives benefit of any law intended for advantage/protection of obligor
  4. give holder election to require something to be done in lieu of money



  1. restrictively indorsed
  2. discharged by payment or otherwise

Reference:  University of the Philippines

BarOps ’99

Commercial Law – Val Feria, Mina Herrera, Gary Mallari & Rachel Ramos


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