Legal Ethics Case Digests


1.  Duty to the Court/Negligence of a Lawyer 

  • In Re: Vicente Y. Bayani  –  A.C. No. 5307. August 9, 2000

2.  Duty to Client/Accounting of Client’s Money/Negligence

  • Teodulfo B. Basas vs. Atty. Miguel I. Icawat  –  A.C. No. 4282. August 24, 2000

3.  Duty of Lawyer to Client/Proper Conduct

  • Teodoro R. Rivera vs. Atty. Sergio Angeles  –  A.C. No. 2519. August 29, 2000

4.  Misrepresentation and Non-payment of IBP Dues

  • Soliman M. Santos, Jr. v. Atty. Francisco R. Llamas  –  A.C. No. 4749. January 20, 2000



1. Gross Ignorance of the Law

     a.  Improper Imposition of the Punishment of Contempt

  • Flaviano B. Cortes v. Judge Felina Bangalan  –  A.M. No. MTJ-97-1129. January 19, 2000

     b.  Payment of Docket Fees in Election Cases 

  • Alfredo B. Enojas v. Judge Eustaquio Z. Gacott, Jr.  –  A.M. No. RTJ-99-1513. January 19, 2000

     c.  Granting of Bail

  • Romulo Tolentino v. Judge Policarpio S. Camano, Jr.  –  A.M. RTJ-00-1522 January 20, 2000

     d.  Issuance of an Order of Release

  • Jesusa Santiago vs. Judge Eduardo JovellanosMargarita Sanchez vs. Judge Eduardo JovellanosA.M. No. MTJ-00-1289. August 1, 2000

     e.  Grant of a Motion for Reconsideration

  • Gloria Lucas v. Judge Amelia A. Fabros  –  A.M. No. MTJ-99-1226. January 31, 2000

     f.  Imposition of Proper Penalty

  • Felicidad Dadizon vs. Judge Aniceto Lirios  –  A.M. No. MTJ-00-1295. August 1, 2000

g.  Application of Rules of Procedure

h.  Issuance of a Writ of Execution

i.  Conducting Hearings for Probation

j.  Order of Acquittal

k.  Issuance of Hold Departure Order

2.  Habitual Tardiness



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