Criminal Law

Source: Ateneo Central

Criminal Law Book 1


Criminal Law Book 2

  1. Evelyn Enriquez

    Thanks for this very helpful site

  2. thanks for this

  3. thanks to you. this is so helpful. God bless…

  4. Thanks Maam ^_^, more power & God bless!

  5. Hello admin! Thank you for this site. Godbless!

  6. Thank you madam!

  7. Nielfamy langaylangay

    Can I have the copy of all ur notes

  8. thank you po

  9. hello admin…can u please give me ur criminal and civil law reviewer PLEASE…tnx

  10. thank you very much! it would help me a lot!

  11. Tonylangguyan

    Hi..very good site.I appreciate it so much.

  12. Sheila Ian D. Dela Pena

    Kind request to have a soft copy of your criminal law, civil law and other bar subjects reviewers and send it vide my email


      Putang ina mo kung maka demand ka akala mo kung sino ka, BILI KA NG REVIEWER MO PUTANG INA MO! ULOL! POBRE! TANG INA MO UY!

  13. Pero Sige Nalang

    Okay sana if maayos yung format ng notes mo, nakakalito yung pagkaka-arrange mo, yung iba nka bold, yung iba wala. Yung iba naka indent, yung iba hindi, yung “requisites” hindi immediately preceding, after pa ng two or more sentences. Ano ba yan.

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